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About us

Here's a glimpse of our story, we look back and we feel proud

September 2014 The CEO thought about designing an application that can voice out the hurdles that citizen’s face in their daily life, therefore he contacted some designers to make this app only to have his hopes sunk because the work wasn’t properly done.
December 2014 Pharous rose after his disappointment, he wanted to establish a company that can provide the crucial service, and then it was legally established on this date, and handed some projects by the beginning of 2015, also he fulfilled to desire to make a neat application that was the seed of start-up idea in the first place. .
November 2016 The application was downloading by thousands of users since the first day and made a hit, and it was the first international project that Pharous LLC has made and other Arabic countries were interested in implementing it as well, so it was acquired by Yemen ( Nov 2016), Tunisia ( Jan 2017) and Saudi Arabia ( Dec 2017)
May 2017 The Company participated in Techne Summit with “Eshtki” application, and was shortlisted as one of the best projects, the team received a prize to enhance business management skills. Pharous LLC took part of Techne summit 2017 as a start-up then as a company in 2018. It was a turning point in the company history as it was rewarding and beneficial.
March 2017 Selected by “Entrepreneurs” magazine as one of the best start-up.
November 2018 Ranked among 40 best start-ups according to Innovation Arena.
December 2018 Continuous prosperity and expansion of the company craft worldwide additionally to its services.
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Projects in progress


Finished projects


Happy Clients



Core Values

These are the fundamental beliefs of our corporation


it’s an intrinsic value of Pharous family, as we adapt easily to all of the changing preferences of the client and climb any hurdles together.

Solution Oriented

In our company, there’s no boundaries we can’t overcome and it doesn’t apply only to our way of working but also with our clients, getting the work done is a priority regardless of any other aspects especially for start-ups.


We want to keep it simple and real as we believe this is the key element for a long- healthy relationships either with our clients or team members.

Quality Assurance

We emphasize on making crafts that we’d like to be provided as well, we constantly test any service by an external individual before delivery of the service .

Our Technology

Advisory Board

Eng.Hatem Taher Kandeel

Co-Founder / CEO Over 25 years experience in oil and gas working Schlumberger, Shell, BP and Haliburton. Mr. Kandeel is an experienced executive with demonstrable track record of delivery in business development

Eng.Tarek Elkady

leading entrepreneur in his native Alexandria, Egypt. Born and raised in Alexandria, Tarek has worked in the U.S.

What we do

We offer a wide range of services

Mobile applications

IOS Apps/Android apps/Appealing design for each

Web solutions

Personal websites/Organizational websites/ E-commerce solutions/ Targeted solutions to your business.


we will have your website accessible internationally.


Analysis & Business

At Pharous group, your idea will be brought to life, with our business analyst experience; we will discuss your business thoughts and how we can convert it to a profitable project.

Design & UX

Responsive net styles/Attractive illustration/Innovative App ideas/User interface styles.

Quality assurance

All of the services are tested by outsiders before delivery, ensuring its quality & functioning.

Why us ?

You have an idea? Thrilled about setting up an online business? Clueless how to start, we got the solution for you, Pharous LLC will be your bigger advocate. We have a team that would consult the feasibility of your idea, additionally to designing the best websites & applications fully customizable, you get control over it.


In a fast evolving world, we ensure that our services are always up-to-date, bringing you original creative features for your design.


We are bound on delivering a top-notch service, with creative design features, an easy navigation and accessibility to your customers and you.

Client service

Your satisfaction is our drive. Our team is always on stand-by 24/7 to unlock your online vision, reassure that the service is running smoothly, you can easily reach us via our social media platforms.

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